A wee bit about Writer Elizabeth Johnston -Young

I’m a writer living in East Lothian. I live with my husband and two labradors. I enjoy spending quality time with my family which especially includes my 2 sons and grandchildren. Writing is my main focus. I have a passion for photography. As well as writing I am skilled in photography, communication, social media, lecturing, and blogging. I write my own blog.

My blog tells of everyday living with cancer. It takes in travels near and far on our Harley Davidson motorcycle. There are tales which are sad, happy and informative; definitely all my own views and most certainly true. You can view my blog, read it, make comments, follow it and share it. Go on have a look at http:www.smileeachandeveryday.blog

I studied applied economics at university, brought up my children . Did lots of charity work with my husband, children, parents and friends. I worked at The Edinburgh Cancer Centre, lectured in health promotion specialising in men’s cancer. I gave lectures in schools, colleges, universities, prisons, workplaces, clubs and societies. Along with another colleague and a school teacher we set up an awareness programme for testicular cancer for S3 pupils.

When I was diagnosed with carcinoid syndrome and found out it was incurable I hung up my jacket and changed my route. And time for a different way of life. I have to live differently these days however this does not mean I have to give up and I certainly do not need to stop writing things down, keeping a diary , etc. If anything it has made me want more. I feel the need to get things down on paper, in my journal, on my laptop. Not necessarily “cancer stories’ I want to see my name in print, The day we got together and published the awareness programme, I was beaming with pride. I also worked with a Nurse from Orkney and we designed a leaflet and booklet, again the buzz from writing it up was amazing.

I currently write for some magazines, I enjoy writing short stories. Travel writing is a firm favourite, nothing better than sharing the joy of a place and letting folks read about the experience, learn about new places, cultures, foods, etc. Other non fictional writing has included articles for health professionals and patients, particularly related to cancer and tube feeding. Currently I am taking on a new challenge and dipping my toe in the water in children’s books. Watch this space!

I love, laugh and cry every day. Ive got one thing to add to that and thats write; I can honestly say I write everyday, even if its only a paragraph or so. At the very least I jot down my thoughts.

I have a busy home life with a wonderful husband and feel privileged to live in beautiful countryside in an old cottage. If I’m not writing I enjoy time with my amazing family and loyal dog. Although I have to admit at times life gets hard and without the support of my writer chums and and the meetings set up by The Ann Edgar Charitable Trust – my Neuroendocrine Cancer support group.