What’s Up

This has always been a special song for my hubby and me. Steve can get a room singing behind him, stop at the appropriate point and the room full of voices will echo back to him ‘what’s going on” I

In these strange times and when our buddy and my fellow Neuroendocrine cancer patient from support group died a couple of weeks ago Steve sang it to cheer us up. The support group is run by The Ann Edgar Charitable Trust

I hope you enjoy his version of The 4 non Blondes – What’s Up.


Scribbling Granny Is A Writer

Good morning to you all, I hope you are surviving this lockdown and finding things to do. Keeping yourself amused can be difficult and entertaining children a challenge. Merely trying your best to walk passed the biscuit barrel without sneaking one crumb out of it, which then leads to eating a whole packet of chocolate digestives and you can no longer fit into your clothes can be a daily struggle.

There is one thing for sure. The coronavirus is not going away anytime soon. And we need to accept tat this new way of life and social distancing is here to stay. There will not be a flick of a switch and hey presto we can all get together, go to work, school, have parties of 500, etc. it will have to happen gradually.

In the meantime we need to make the best of it. Look after each other the best we can. One person go shopping. Exercise once per day. Bake at home. Camp in the garden, if you are fortunate to have one. Make things with arts and crafts materials. Take a virtual tour online; there are wonderful things you can do, for example you can go to the zoo in Edinburgh, https://www.edinburghzoo.org.uk/webcams/panda-cam/ Or why not take a virtual holiday online. Learn something new: a foreign language, a musical instrument. You tube is excellent. https://www.youtube.com/ Take time to pick up a book and read it or have one read to you, there are some great audio books for sale at Amazon. Some are even free. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=audio+books+free&ref=nb_sb_noss_1

Folks have been complaining about the restrictions placed on us, staying at home, not being able to work the same amount of hours that we usually work, unable to socialise, Its all for our own good. Coronavirus is killing literally thousands of folks. Not only elderly and vulnerable but fit and energetic too. My sister is a nurse bounding with energy, works full time, not overweight and keeps herself busy and fit. She was diagnosed with the virus, became very ill, fortunately fully recovered and lives to tell the tale. And can once again nurse the sick and vulnerable and do her saintly duty for the amazing NHS.

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Have a brilliant day love muchly Lizbeth xx

Me The Writer

I’m a writer living in East Lothian, I live with my husband and two beautiful labradors. I enjoy spending time with my family which especially includes my 2 sons and grandchildren. Writing is my main focus, I have a passion for photography. As well as writing I am skilled in photography, communication, social media, lecturing, and blogging. I write my blog http://www.smileeachandeveryday.blog – it tells of everyday living with cancer. It promotes awareness of neuroendocrine cancerTakes in travels near and far on our Harley Davidson motorcycle. There are tales which are sad, happy, and informative; definitely all my own views and true.

I studied applied economics at university, brought up my children. Did lots of charity work with my husband and friends. Worked with The Cancer Centre in Edinburgh, lectured health promotion, predominantly men’s cancers and set up an awareness programme for testicular cancer for youngsters. Counselled patients and their families diagnosed with cancer. When I was diagnosed with carcinoid syndrome and found out it was incurable it was time to hang up my jacket. And do something different. Ive always been a writer, but not in an official way. This forced my hand.

In this site I will share the blog posts from my http://www.smileeachandeveryday.blog site as well as putting up other exciting new posts of whats going on in the writing world with me. I will share my photography, dreams and inspirations. Talk about my views on different writers, books and whats going on in the world. It will be great when I post with my tales that you comment and share your views.